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Know Your Why

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when in the middle of something you suddenly ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”  Perhaps there is a moment when you feel a schism, be it doubt, insecurity or even clarity, where you suddenly feel the need to know your why. I recently experienced one such moment […]

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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!®

Tonight we will witness the most anticipated match in the history of boxing for the heavy weight championship of the world.  Are you ready? Boxing Fans are you RRRRRREEEEAAADDDYYYY?!!!  In the blue corner weighing in at 302 pounds is The Inner Critic.  Known for her lightning fast strikes and her perfect knock out record, The Inner […]

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The Day I Knew It Was Over

It was a Friday afternoon in the month of March. I was on a train from Cologne to Amsterdam and I started feeling angry.  For months the only emotions I felt were numbness, helplessness, sadness, depression yet suddenly something within was thawing and I was furious. Since the previous November he had been torturing, bullying, […]

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