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SOE326: Get Out Your Way

SOE326: Get Out Your Way Is it time to get out of your way and stop hindering yourself in your life? Are you blocking inspiration in your life by doubting your inspired ideas and not acting upon them? Sometimes we get in our way by falling into analysis paralysis or refusing to make a plan, […]

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SOE324: Respect Your Boundaries

SOE324: Respect Your Boundaries Do you respect your boundaries? Not the ones you have established to the outer world, but the ones you’ve created for yourself. In this context the boundaries we create for ourselves are those positive behaviours we want to reenact in our lives to develop self-mastery. Often we don’t respect our boundaries […]

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SOE322: Love What You Hate

SOE322: Love What You Hate Is it time to love what you hate? In life there are so many tiny things that we ‘hate.’ I hate cleaning. You hate traffic. She hates pumpkins. He hates barking dogs. And so it escalates, all the little things we hate compound into larger things to hate, and before […]

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SOE321: Ego Can Ruin Your Life

SOE321: Ego Can Ruin Your Life Ego can ruin your life when you’re so attached to your egoic projection into the world that you can’t separate yourself from it or aren’t willing to change. The worst thing anyone can say to you is “stay exactly as you are.” Although people don’t think about what they’re […]

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