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How Mentally Strong Are You?

Are you a mentally strong person; or do you wish you could improve in this area? Imagine someone close to you has been verbally offensive and hurt your feelings, do you break down in tears and become inconsolable, or do you know that their verbal attacks have nothing to do with your character, but rather […]

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What is Your Psychic Ability?

Are you psychic or do you know someone with psychic abilities?  What does it mean to be psychic?  To being psychic is to have extrasensory perception (ESP), also known as the sixth sense.  When someone uses their psychic ability, they are gathering information that is not readily available through taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. […]

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What Is Your Actual Birth Name?

Have you ever noticed how much attention people give to naming their expectant child?  They buy books, do online searches, consult with friends and family and even ask their religious leaders for input. New parents try to envision what character and personality traits their child will have, and how their name will be accepted in […]

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