Gen Xers: Done With Feeling Lost? Try This

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Howdy Gen Xer

It’s time to have a chat you and I. Apparently we are the lost generation, stuck between the Baby Boomers and (OMG, can I like say it?) the Millennials. Our generation saw the rise of free love, anti-war, feminism, MTV and excessive greed on wall street. Fast forward forty years from the 80’s and many of us have or are currently feeling lost in our lives. Perhaps you awoke one day and wondered, “Who the heck am I?” or “Where the heck did I go?” You may be stuck between caring for an aging, infirm parent and a child whose whole universe is self-centric. Perhaps you lost yourself in a job, relationship, addiction – whatever it is, don’t despair your life is not doomed, but it is ready for change.

What must change?

Through my life, coaching, and soul realignment practitioners experience I can say with certainty that you are on the brink of a spiritual awakening. Why am I so sure? Well you’ve exhausted all the other options for finding happiness and fulfilment. From experience, you know what you seek is not in material possessions, or any of the places you lost yourself. In fact, Bono belted it out perfectly when he sang I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Therefore, what you seek has to be within.

When feeling lost go within

The idea of going within scares the bejeezus out of many people, because what they may find petrifies them. Conditioned to the inner critics’ voice and the expectations of society many don’t always know what they value and stand for.

An unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

This is a powerful indictment from Socrates. Living a life without reflection and self-examination is to live successfully as a stranger within oneself. In fact, it would be better to have chicken or newt DNA!

Going within is an ongoing process. It’s a life of exploration and adventure with oneself. It’s a hell of a lot of fun to track one’s personal growth and expansion into ones potential.

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Wait a minute, you’re a Gen Xer, and you want more. You want to bake your pie and eat it and hell no, you won’t accept the crumbs from another table! You want what’s yours.

And so your soul enters the picture, that part of you that cannot be named or explained. That part of you that’s calling you, whispering find me, know me, live me.

The Return to Wholeness

The lie of perfection is exposed, and a new way of being is here. This is the path of the soul and the way to wholeness.

What is wholeness you may wonder? Wholeness is living an integrated life – body, mind, and soul. It is about healing ourselves of all the pain, and trauma of this and past lives and letting go of all the karmic rubbish. To live whole is to know that you’re a beautiful Divine being having a somewhat flawed human experience. To live whole is to know your soul and live in alignment with it.

We lose touch with the path of the soul by living other people’s values and expectations. What works for one does not work for all. What is true for you is not true for me, and yet in our collective societies we have formed agreements of what is normal, acceptable behaviour and woe the fool who steps out of line.

This is especially true when carving out your path to a successful life. By attempting to implement the way to success of another literally kills your soul. Why? Because it is not your souls path, not how you were beautifully created.

When you feel lost, you want to quickly escape that wretched situation and willingly follow well-trodden paths but this will only result in you remaining lost and disconnected from yourself.

The Way of the Soul

A simple way to connect with your soul is to do the inner work. That life of reflection and self-examination I spoke of will do wonders.

There are literally thousands of modalities of healing, from psychotherapy to hypnotherapy – the list is endless.

However, start by placing yourself firmly in the driver’s seat of your life and exercise your free will and choice. Choice is one of the four pillars of living an inspired life. Choose you! The reason you feel lost within yourself is that you haven’t been choosing you and placing yourself first in your life.

If you don’t make your life about you, then who is it about or for? This is your life, live it! As the song by Talk Talk goes, Life’s what you make it. The power of creation is yours to create as you desire, but if you’re creating what is not aligned to you, you quite literally create a mess.

I speak about this with authority because I speak from experience. Not listening to the whispers of my soul, allowing fear to dictate, trusting the opinions of others above my own; has, at times, left me feeling lost and at odds with myself.

When I discovered soul realignment  I finally made sense of those inner whisperings I had ignored. I was able to enter my Akashic record which is like the energetic google of our soul, storing each energetic choice and consequence our soul makes in each lifetime, and heal myself of so much crap.

This let me understand how I was engaging with the same negative energy lifetime after lifetime perpetuating a cycle of negativity. This realization showed me how my choices were hindering me from fully accessing my Divine power and living to my soul’s potential. I learned how my beautiful soul is created and this helped me leave behind so much bullshit in my life.

This soul healing was like resetting a dislocated bone, releasing me of pain, and aligning me with my Divine strength. Not only has it changed my life, but also the lives of my many clients.

So Gen Xer if you’re ready to give up lost; listen to your soul and step in that direction. Why? Because the time has come to step fully into your wholeness and not to die with the magic still inside.

Contact Meto learn how I can help you.


Here’s to you letting go of lost and finding your souls path


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Tracey-Jane Hughes - 4 years ago

I totally agree with you Angie. “I was lost but now I’m found ” springs to mind for me 😉

I learnt about listening – to others, but this listening showed me how to listen to myself. It’s not easy or comfortable. I’ve had many difficult conversations with myself! But I truly now know that I can’t change what runs through the core of me. What’s in my soul.

Doing this work has helped me feel whole again. I urge others to do this work too, however you choose to explore it for you.

    Angela Barnard - 4 years ago

    I 100% agree Tracey-Jane. If we don’t do the work to know and live our soul we can spend our whole life floundering around looking for answers everywhere bu within.

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