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SOE252: On Being Odd

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On Being Odd

SOE252: On Being Odd

Day 252 of 365 Snippets of Encouragement – A One Year Project conceived by Angela Barnard.

I am inspired by the winner of season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ms Yvie Oddly. This is the stage name of the performer Jovan Bridges whose drag persona lives up to her name as being incredibly Odd. From the moment she walked into the workroom, Yvie was authentically herself – odd, honest and highly creative. These three character traits often led to her been bullied by the other contestants who perhaps have not yet embraced the oddness in themselves.

Each of us is odd in some way; however, we keep our heads down and blend in with the crowd because standing out can make us a target. The time to express who we are as individuals is now. Otherwise, we remain cardboard cutouts of who we could be, our odd, divine gorgeous selves.


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