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SOE237: Live With Impartiality

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Live With Impartiality

SOE237: Live With Impartiality

Day 237 of 365 Snippets of Encouragement – A One Year Project conceived by Angela Barnard.

Have you noticed how much effort is expended on trying to control others, or make them believe or act uniformly? Humankind has spent millennia trying to enforce their wills upon one another with disastrous effects. We do not understand that we are all equal. Nobody is more sacred or special than the next; we are all one.

The Tao de Ching says

The sage is like heaven and earth;

To him, none are especially dear,

Nor is there anyone he disfavours.

He gives and gives, without condition,

offering his treasures to everyone.

Consciousness, Spirit, God is impartial, there are no favourites. When we comprehend this and we begin to live with impartiality and treat everyone as equal to ourselves, a fundamental shift will occur within ourselves and in society.


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