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SOE162: Heal Your Emotions

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Heal Your Emotions

SOE162: Heal Your Emotions

Day 162 of 365 Snippets of Encouragement – A One Year Project conceived by Angela Barnard.

Everything is energy, even our emotions. When we experience emotions, they flow through our body and land somewhere, creating an impact on that part of the body. This is true for both negative and positive emotions. However, it’s a proven fact that negative emotions result in disease within the body. Therefore, it’s up to us to resolve or heal our negative emotions and keep our bodies in good health. In today’s snippet, Angie encourages you to heal your emotions and create more freedom and joy in your life.


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Teresa - 3 years ago

Angela, I could be your case study and poster child for this episode. Healing the emotions requires some real diligent effort and self allowance for the process to take however long it will take… I’m sincerely wanting to “fix” it before greater toll is taken on my physical health (already seeing affects on skin, weight, aches, and the like). Daunting. It’s almost a bit of a catch 22, isn’t it.

    Angela Barnard - 3 years ago

    Teresa, I am of the opinion that healing, like everything else in life, is a journey or a process. Sometimes we just have to place one step in front of the last and press forward through the pain and trauma of it all. It’s really important to carry grace and self-acceptance along with us otherwise we become caught in judgement and self-condemnation. Looking forward to chatting with you. Hugs Angie

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