Who Is Your Mask and the Person Behind It?

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What mask do you wear? You might have seen pictures of the plain white or highly decorated masks known as the Venetian Mascherade.  The tradition of wearing masks in the beautiful city of Venice goes back to the 12th century when locals used to celebrate carnival.

The majority of the cities inhabitants did not only wear these masks during the carnival period, but throughout the year.

Masks in Venice were a symbol of freedom, a way to get rid of social rules and to conceal the masked person’s identity and social status, not only during Carnival, but also in everyday life.  It was greatly beneficial, especially when pursuing the more sinful or carnal activities.  This tradition slowly ended in the 18th century in Venice but in our modern society today, we all wear metaphorical masks of some sort.

We want love and acceptance from those around us, and in order to adapt to the norms of society; we wear masks that we interchange with relative ease depending on the situation.  As a result, few of us allow our authentic selves to come through and some people live their whole life hidden behind a mask.

Take this fun quiz and find out which mask you are wearing and what it reveals about you.

Leave a comment below and let us know what mask you wear.
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