Which Intelligence Is Your Most Dominant?

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We all want to be considered intelligent.  We speak about “common sense” and yet there is nothing common about it, because we all have different cultural, religious and social references that make common sense different for each of us.

In the same way we differ in our intelligence.  As we all possess different kinds of minds we learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways. Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences which expounds on this theory.  According to Dr Gardner we know the world through various things such as language, logic, music, how to use our bodies to make and create things and solve problems, and our understanding of others and ourselves.  Where we differ is how we combine all of these factors, the so called profile of intelligences, to perform tasks, solve problems and interact with the world.

In a world that expects everything to be uniform, especially in our school and university systems, this can be quite difficult for people whose brains do not function as the universal examination systems expect them too.

We have all at one time thought that another person was stupid or lacked common sense, but actually they simply have a different way of using their intelligence to view and interact with the world.

Perhaps you have wondered why you are so bad at certain tasks, for example maths or learning a new language. The answer could lay in the fact that those tasks do not fall within your dominant intelligence modality and therefore you might struggle.  The opposite is also true when you can easily perform other tasks that others can’t.  Perhaps then you are using your most dominant intelligence.

Take this fun quiz and find out which intelligence is your most dominant.


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