What is Your Most Dominant Character Trait

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What is Your Most Dominant Character Trait?

Take a moment to think of the people around you.  Your family, friends, or colleagues.  Don’t think about their physical appearance, but rather think of how you would describe them to another person.  Are they loyal, friendly, funny, and sneaky?

These are a few descriptive adjectives used to describe their personalities and that’s exactly what character traits are.  They are words used to describe how a character behaves in a certain situation or what kind of person they.

We tend to categorise character traits into two camps – good and bad, and everyone has them.    Some examples of what we perceive good and bad character traits are as follows:

Good – Honest, Friendly, Happy, Patient

Bad – Dishonest, Rude, Mean, Impatient

Our most dominant character traits can be described as those that are present with us in most situations.  Some people always seem to be “upbeat” or “negative” or “motivated”

Find out what your most dominant character trait is.

Leave a comment below and let us know what your dominant trait is.


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Barbara - 7 years ago

Sensitivity??? Never would have thought it …

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    What would you have guessed it was Barbara?
    Mine was also sensitivity 🙂 Angie

Kamaraj - 7 years ago

Is being sensitive good trait or bad one?
Please explain.
with warm regards

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Hello Kamaraj
    This is a good question that I unfortunately cannot answer for you. My most dominant trait is sensitivity and I do not find this a bad thing for myself. For me it means that I am understanding and caring for others, that I have empathy and wish to see the world around me (and the people in it) living their best potential. For others “sensitivity” could mean that they always become offended by everything or are easily upset by others and life. In my case this is not true. As I don’t know how you are I cannot answer your question, but you need to decide if this trait is good for you or not.

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