What Is the Color of Your Aura?

About 1 minute

Have you ever had your aura analysed? I have and I can assure you it was an enlightening and fun exercise!

With technology from Inneractive using their AuraVideo program I was able to see my aura on a specific moment in time and also view the state of my different chakras.

In some Indian religions and also in New Age thought, a chakra is believed to be an energy point in the subtle body where the aura is also found.  Chakra means wheel or disk in Sanskrit and refers to the wheels of energy found throughout the body.  To discover which chakra you are guided by, take the fun quiz here.

After spending a day working with a Reiki master and energy healer I could then see how my aura and chakras opened and intensified as the day progressed.

Our aura consists of an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds our bodies and all other species on earth.  It is not automatically visible to the human eye and yet we can often sense peoples’ auras when we are in their presence.  Have you ever moved too close to someone and felt uncomfortable or repelled and with others you want to move in closer and embrace them?  This could be their aura that you are sensing.  Either they do not want you close and have protected themselves or they are emitting a negative energy at the time.

As we are essentially spiritual beings, our auras have the ability to change as we evolve mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As we release blockages that might exist within, our auras can become more vibrant.  Likewise they can become heavier if we are experiencing hardships but are unable to keep the energy flowing through our bodies efficiently.

If you would like to know what is the color of your aura, take this fun quiz.  Leave comments below and let us know about your aura.

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