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Plug Into You! – Know and Live Your Power!


Do you want to –

Energise yourself

Empower yourself

Find your voice

Release your fears

Get rid of those icky blocks you sometimes feel

Experience more clarity

Empower your personal relationships and those of your clients

Or just be more tuned in to YOU

Then Plug into You! workshop is for you.


Let’s Do This!

PLUG INTO YOU! is coming soon

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Words Of Praise*

* Previously called Conscious Chakra Connection Intensive

Before doing Conscious Chakra Connection with Angela, I was completely lost and confused about energy work. I really didn’t know what to expect, how to tap into my own energy, how to understand my energy and how to balance it. After my 1-2-1 session with Angela, some things were revealed to me. It’s like deep down inside I knew it was there, just wasn’t aware of it. The session helped me dig deep and find those missing pieces. Doing the Conscious Chakra Connection with Angela and the group meant that I could really tap into my chakras, recognise my energy, ground myself and create my own mantras that are more meaningful than using someone else’s mantras that I can’t relate to. I highly recommend doing this programme with Angela because she helps you bring to surface what you weren’t aware of. You will find your own mantras that work for you, that you can relate to, because they are made by you. I feel like my mantras are evolving and adapting every day and they have more and more meaning to me. Thank you Angie, for this lovely experience.
Ena Bautista
Thank you Angela for an enjoyable and insightful workshop. Angela is kind, thoughtful, spiritual, and very funny. This combination drew me in as I followed her lovely process. The result was that I was left with some very powerful mantras, which I have gone on to use in other ways. As a fan of connecting in and finding words that energetically resonate, I was immediately lost in one of her activities. What I like most is that the outcome was a lovely sense of calm
Dale Darley
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