The Key to Your Self Improvement Success

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What is the key to your self improvement success after you’ve worked on yourself for a while to develop into the person you aspire to be.  I am not talking about outward materialistic success, but the long-term sustainable success where a lifestyle change actually sticks, you don’t return to your old ways.  Imagine that you have undergone a wonderful internal self-improvement and you find yourself adjusting to your old environment in a new way.  For some, the process of self-discovery and reconnection can be quite revolutionary.  It is like one of those extreme makeovers that are so popular on television.  You have popped out at the other end of seclusion, proudly presented to family and friends and there is a shocked and awed response, “Who is “She?”  Where has the old “Her” gone?”

Quite a lot of adjustment is necessary.  You are presenting a new you to the world, people are only familiar with the old you, they need to adjust, understand and accept who you are becoming.

There is no need to hide your newfound self.  Why should you?  You have worked hard to find her and she needs to take her place in the world.  How do you sustain your changes, how do you prevent backsliding into old behaviours?

The Key To Self Improvement Success Is To Be Consistent And Own It!

Why do you need to be consistent you may ask.

I am of the opinion the “The Peanut Gallerylove to see us fail.  All of us have one, or have direct and indirect experience with them.  It’s those people who cannot be happy for you if something good happens.  I am not saying they are mean spirited but they are so used to how things were that when something new shows up their scepticism rises and they await your fall.  Perhaps you too have belonged to “The Peanut Gallery,” I know I have.

People hold us accountable whether we want them to or not.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking, gone on a diet to lose those extra 5kg, or told your best friend you will never date another jerk again in your life?  God help you if you’re caught bumming a smoke from a stranger, or sneaking some delicious Swiss chocolate at midnight.  And don’t you even dare think about peeking at that jerk across the restaurant.

Although “The Peanut Gallery” seems to appreciate failure and loves to say, “I told you so,” they love an underdog who beats the odds even more.

If you have achieved something in your life through consistent perseverance, you understand the process you endured.  When you first started working on your goal, you were quite distant from the prize but through consistency, failure, readjustment and perseverance you got there.

You may have forgotten what the prize was but I am sure the lessons you learned have been ingrained forever.

That is why we need to be consistent and own it.

Using the Key Is How We Achieve Mastery

We create new behaviour patterns and thought process and experience new pathways to success.  It is always tempting to revert to old behaviour patterns, especially when we want acceptance from others or the way ahead seems too difficult.

If something brings you joy, continue with the practice regardless of the mutterings from “The Peanut Gallery.”

It is your life after all.

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