Letting Go of Resistance

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Have you noticed how often you experience resistance from others, and possibly yourself, when you are making changes?  How misery really loves company.  If you have implemented changes in your life, which bring you contentment and joy there are always those who want to drag you backwards.

Suddenly you feel like a fish out of water, an exotic stranger speaking a foreign language.  “They” just do not get you.  They will not see, hear, accept and you feel frustration, disappointment, possibly anger, and fear.  What if they do not accept and love you because of the changes you have created for yourself?

Well, imagine pressing your fist against another, pushing for the advantage, using all your energy, evenly matched, and going nowhere, huge resistance.  Suddenly lift your fist away and see what happens.  There is no longer resistance.  Carl Jung said, “What you resist, persists.”  So let go of the resistance.

That sounds so “easy” but what does it mean in practical terms?

Letting go of resistance

Is about finding your flow.  That space where you are confident in your choices, secure in who you are, and simply at peace with the direction you are taking.

It is like floating downstream on a hot summer’s day.  You are aware of the boulders, barriers, undercurrent; but none of that is relevant because the weather is good, the water is clear, you are fit and healthy and can swim well and navigate all looming dangers.  You are in that moment and enjoying it for what it is.  You are in flow.

I find that living in my flow has become easier as I have aged.  I care less about the opinions of others and I know there are no “wrong” choices, only different outcomes.

For me being in flow also means expressing myself authentically to the world.  Others may not always accept or appreciate this but I cannot control them.  As long as my actions do not cause another harm, I must live freely as we all should.

Take a moment to consider the things in your life that either you are resisting or the resistance you may be receiving from others.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it possible to let go of this resistance?
  • How would my life change if I let this resistance go?
  • Because of letting go of resistance, who do I want to be?

In my opinion, letting go of resistance is a choice that brings you well-being and joy.  Be encouraged to practice this often, your life will improve greatly because of this practice.


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