I have recently heard the same message expressed differently from three sources.

A few months ago a client said to me, “Angie, I’ve realised that I have to say YES! more often.” She was not talking about pleasing other people but rather about letting go of her own resistance and embracing more of life.

Weeks later another client was talking to me about accepting and allowing, about being open to new possibilities. She said to me, “Sometimes I’ve just gotta lean back and let life love me.”

Last week another client said, “I don’t want to die with the magic still inside.”

While these three clients are spread across the globe, what they were experiencing for themselves and relaying to me was the same.

This focused my own thinking, and since that first conversation, this topic has been unfolding for me. I wondered why the beautiful lessons and words of my clients were resonating so deeply with me and what did I need to revisit.

I became curious and asked myself some tough questions. What makes me resistant to change and why am I happy to remain in a comfort zone? How am I allowing possibilities to pass me by because of preconceived judgments or expectations?

I realised that I often display a certain arrogance in my comfort. I think I know it all and therefore do not simply say yes to life. By not nurturing a curious mind and humbly admitting to myself that I cannot know or see all computations in a given situation, I have been limiting myself and the many blessings life has to offer.

Fear showed its ugly head. I noticed how I often neglect to say YES! because I’m afraid of the outcome. Feelings of vulnerability, while stepping out on a limb without control, can be overwhelming and debilitating. I saw that while I think I have embraced YES! I often have these microscopic web-like tentacles attached to the outcome as I imagine it should be. My own judgment or preconception leads me to believe I know best in new situations and as a result, I do not experience the fullness that life wants to offer me.

I saw how the desire to control could sometimes limit my own potential or magic. Often referred to as immeasurable or limitless my mind cannot fully comprehend that which is contained within.

Yes, we have so called metrics attempting to measure human potential, but can we really? Is it not the element of surprise, which is so invigorating and inspiring? I have often experienced my own genius in “the wild blue yonder” as opposed to a “lab rat” environment.

Accompanying control, I noted a strong presence of scepticism. That attitude of, “let me see how this pans out before I commit.” With arms folded, lips pursed I’m tapping my foot impatiently instead of flinging my arms wide open and performing an excited jig.

Both control and scepticism showed me how tightly I might be holding on and not allowing and delighting in the magic of life.

It’s like desperately clinging to a life buoy while drowning at sea, refusing to grab the ladder dangling from the rescue helicopter because you’re afraid of heights. So much life awaiting, and yet…

I am often frustrated at how risk averse we are becoming in society. We want everything to be safe, understandable, neatly packaged. There is no room for error and if one occurs, there had better be a sacrificial lamb on hand to flog and flay. However, is this really an existence that fosters YES! allows us to blossom, brings forth our magic? I don’t think so.

When we surrender to life, release our labels and judgments, become like little children – curious, delighting, embracing the love of and for life, then we experience freedom. This is when the magic bursts forth.

So, what have I learnt from my three wonderful clients?

  1. Release my judgments and preconceptions.
  2. To embrace my fears. They are my unwanted travelling companions but not my jailers.
  3. Where there is resistance, YES! is lurking nearby. Bring it out of hiding.
  4. Surrender with arms wide open and ALLOW life to love me.
  5. I hold the keys to release my magic. Use them!

Therefore I want to seize the day, make my life count, BE my highest potential.

We may not all be destined for greatness, but great lives are our destiny.

Let’s not die with the magic still inside.