How to Know Yourself: Part 3

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In part one of this series we learnt why it’s crucial to spend time alone.  In part two we learnt how to use our alone time to question, reflect and observe ourselves.  In the final part of the three part series How to Know Yourself we learn about the benefits of practising

Acceptance and Love

Oscar Wilde said that to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.  I believe that accepting oneself is the foreplay in the romance.

Sometimes self-acceptance and love are impossible to practice.  We judge and condemn ourselves, and refuse to believe and see all the wonderful things others love about us.

My Achilles heel is not believing that I make a difference in the world.  Others love and accept this about me but for years, I ran around like a sonarless bat unable to see the obvious, which I was constantly bumping into.  When I become imbalanced, this is where my mental inflammation sets in, therefore I need to be vigilant about what I think and believe.

What are the things you cannot accept about yourself, which others can?  Perhaps it is something quite inconsequential but to you it is an obstacle.  Perhaps being second best is unacceptable, or you never allow yourself to make mistakes.  What lie is that voice in your head speaking about your body that you readily accept as true?

My friend and mentor Juan Uribe says, “What belongs to us is ours.”  What does this mean you may wonder?  My understanding is that we all come to life filled with wondrous gifts and talents, characteristics and traits.  Not everything is perfect, but who needs perfect?  How boring!

We are gifted with fullness, abundance, potential beyond our wildest imagination.  All that is ours belongs to us.  Each person is unique and wonderful, sometimes we just cannot see it or are too busy comparing ourselves to everyone else to really accept and love what belongs to us.

Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  Imagine if we used the power of love and acceptance to overcome our greatest fear… what a world we could live in!

As you would honour and bless another with your acceptance and love, so too honour and bless yourself with acceptance and love.

Take a moment each day consciously to practice acceptance and love with yourself.

Some people like to practice daily affirmations.  A friend of mine stares deeply into her own eyes each morning.  I like to remember overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, and re-experiencing that feeling of success.  Perhaps try speaking to yourself as you would a dear friend.

Whatever you do, please see yourself for who you really are.

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