How to Know Yourself: Part 1

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Do you ever feel like you do not know yourself and seem to be out of touch with who you might be?  In a three part series I would like to share with you three simple steps to knowing yourself and living an authentic, empowered life.

Spend Time Alone

Think of what happens when you have a dear friend with whom you lose touch.  Circumstances have intervened and you no longer live close by, are always busy, can seldom call.  When you are not regularly in touch, regardless of the bonds that existed, you become disconnected.  You may still know “stuff” about them, normally their history of which you were a part, but you are no longer current, you no longer know them intimately.

This is exactly what happens when we become too busy in our lives.  We lose touch with ourselves on an intimate level, who we are, what we desire, how we think and feel.  Of course, our engines are still running we are still functioning but there is that niggling feeling, as if something were missing.

What to do you may ask?

I suggest that we start with the first step.

To know yourself you need to recreate some intimacy with you and a good way to start is to spend time alone.

This might seem like the worst suggestion in the world, but the first place you go to find yourself is – to you.

Leave the distractions behind.  Carve out some alone time, close the door; switch off the phone, think of this time as your private romance with yourself.  Don’t “steal” the time from the rest of your day but make it a priority time for yourself.

For some people the thought of being alone is terrifying.  They equate being alone to being lonely but they are completely different experiences.  Being alone you can experience your own wholeness, your own oneness.

As with everything in life, how you choose to view a situation will ultimately inform your experience.

So be encouraged to view being alone as a time of fun, relaxation, renewing your strength, recharging your batteries.

We are not talking here about becoming a hermit, but a small step.  Start with 15 minutes a day me time!  Make a BIG DEAL of this time with yourself, as if you were spending time with a dear friend.

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