6 Simple Steps to Make All Your Dreams a Reality

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We all know what it’s like to have a goal or a dream.  We set them for ourselves regularly and then we work towards them.  However, we don’t always make our dreams a reality.

I have often wondered what makes some people so effective at making their dreams a reality.  Is it because they are motivated and inspired?  Is it because they have more willpower and determination than others?

I think all of these things are important when working towards a goal but I’ve noticed the one thing is critical and that’s focus.

People who consistently make their dreams a reality have an incredible ability to remain focused on their dream.  They do not become distracted by other things or disheartened when things do not work out as planned, instead they remain fully focussed on the dream.

How can they do this you may wonder?  What is the secret to their success?

They are taking 6 simple steps consistently, with great focus that help them make their dreams a reality.  With focus you too can follow these steps to make all your dream a reality.

Envision it!

Know exactly what it is you want, become very clear about this.  The most important factor here is what, not how you will achieve it.  Don’t confuse making your dreams a reality with knowing what your dream is.  The two are very different, so be very clear about what the dream is.

Start to visualise yourself as having achieved your dream.  Perhaps you want your dream job, or your best health or to meet the love of your life.  Start to see it, create the vision of what it looks like.  Be very specific in how you see it and the language you use as you create the vision.

Feel it!

Bring emotion into your dream.  Feel how wonderful it is to achieve it.  Allow yourself to feel passionately about your dream.  How does it make your feel?

Do you want to climb Kilimanjaro? Are you excited, elated, adventurous, or joyful? Tap into these feelings.  Often a dream or a goal is just slightly beyond our grasp and that makes us feel a little scared and uncertain.  That’s OK!  It is crucial is to be aware of your feelings of fear and uncertainty but not to focus on them and make them your best friends.  Stay on the positive side.

Own it!

Remember this is your dream, your goal, so own it!  What does that mean? You have created a powerful vision that you feel passionate about, now you must own it, take responsibility for it, make it yours.  Think about when you own a possession like a car or house or an electronic gadget, you behave much differently with it than if you were to rent it.  The same applies to your dream, make sure that you are in full possession of it.

Get into action!

You can have a wonderful vision, feel passionate about it, have 100% ownership of it, but if you don’t act upon it, it remains an unrealised dream.  So create an action plan.  What do you need to make your dream a reality?  What resources, assistance, and knowledge do you need? If you do not know the answers spend some time in quiet contemplation asking yourself critical questions until you have some answers.  Don’t give up because something is unknown to you.  Create realistic, sequential steps and then start acting upon them.

Review it!

Picture this, you have a wonderful dream, a clear vision that you feel passionate about. You fully own it and are acting daily to make it a reality. A crucial ingredient to remaining focused on your goal or dream is to make regular reviews of where you are and how much further you still have to go.  Ask yourself these critical questions: is this still what I want? Are my actions helping me move closer to my dream? Do I still feel passionately about my dream?

As you ask yourself questions that are relevant to your situation don’t be scared to make small or large adjustments that align with your conclusions.  As your dream unfolds you learn more about yourself, your dream and how to accomplish it.  All this knowledge and experience may bring you new wisdom to be able to actualise your dream.

Celebrate it!

When you achieve your dream, celebrate! Take time to really savour your accomplishment, enjoy what you have achieved.  Be grateful for everything that occurred in order for you to bring you to that point of success.  Review how much you have learnt and grown as a person. See how you stretched yourself from the very beginning to where you are now. Relish the moment.  And as you celebrate, don’t forget to focus on the next dream!

These 6 steps may seem so simple to help you remain focused on your dream but actually focus is quite simple.  We just need to remember to do it!

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