Shine Your Light – An Inspirational Story

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light bulbs shining - shine your light an inspirational story

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Would you like to shine your light, but find that too many things are hindering you? Let me tell you about Sonia Jacobs aka Sunny Jacobs who was convicted to die in 1976 for crimes she was innocent of. Her husband and fellow accused, died a terrible death in the electric chair in 1990.

As she awaited death, Sunny had an epiphany! She realised she still have a choice, she was still in charge of her life and she could choice how she would live even while incarcerated.

She realised that freedom is something you give yourself and she turned herself into a sanctuary. She went within and freed herself as she did her spiritual work.

Her story reminds us that we all have a choice. Regardless of our circumstances we can connect deeply with the essence of who we are and live in freedom.

We can shine, regardless of the circumstances because if we don’t we corrode ourselves.

If you have a gift and you don’t share it and you turn it inwards, it corrodes you

I recently did a Snippet of Encouragement about Shining! Listen below and then watch Sunny’s story.



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