I Don’t Care About What Would Jesus Do

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Last week I questioned how we are treating one another on this planet and Really Why Should I Give a Damn?

This post elicited varied responses but there was one in particular that angered me.  It was on my Facebook page where “X,” wrote, “I cannot understand how someone calling themselves Christian can accept this.”  I was slightly confused as I had not called myself a Christian neither was I was accepting ‘this.’  

Therefore, I responded in the following manner: “X I’m not sure who you think is a Christian or what you think they are accepting….  As human beings, what we are doing to one another is simply disgusting.  As the saying goes ‘Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behaviour does.’”

X responded by saying “as in what would Jesus do.”

X could have been meaning that as “Christians” we should ask ‘What would Jesus do?” or X could have been saying ‘Why are Christians always asking what Jesus would do and not taking action?”

Perhaps X saw themselves in the role of observers saying “You lot are all useless and not doing anything to make the world a better place” or perhaps they had another intention, which I cannot fathom.

Either way I wondered what angered me in this response.

I realised that I cannot hold others responsible for their lack of action or caring, just as I cannot blame others for hiding behind religious rhetoric.

You see, each day we have the choice how we wish to live our lives.  In fact, whether we realise it or not, we are creating our reality in each moment.

We do not often see the consequences of our lack of action, just as we don’t often see how our good deeds have impacted generations to come.

After reading these posts on my Facebook page, I decided that I don’t care what Jesus would do or what you would do either for that matter.

You see, I know in my heart how I must act to make the world in which I live a better place; in fact, I think that we all have this innate inner knowing.

It all starts with the choices I make.  If I want more love, I have to choose it and live it.  If I want more inspiration, I have to choose it and live it.  If I want more joy… you get the picture!

So, what I am choosing to do is live a love filled, inspired life.  I am choosing to contribute and make a difference.  I choose to speak my truth and make my voice heard.  I am choosing to reach out to others in need and lend a hand.  I am choosing to walk a path that brings me to joy.

Is this easy?  HELL NO!  There are so many reasons to throw in the towel or become overwhelmed.  It is damn hard, especially if I place my attention on all the negative things that parade before me.

However once again, what I choose to give my attention to is my choice.

Therefore, I do not care what Jesus would do, or what Buddha, The Prophets, Gandhi, Oprah or any person whom I admire would do.  Their choices were their responsibility as my choices are my own.

What I do know for sure is this – people who influence the world are those who take action.  They do not assign blame or wait for guidance from another source.  They listen to their inner knowing, they create an energetic alliance with that which they want, and they act.

This is also true for those people enacting dastardly deeds upon the world.  They follow through, they act, and the result is much of what we hear and read in the news.

So how am I going to act today?

I have created a mantra for myself that goes something like this:

Just for today

I shall be Loving

I shall be Kind

I shall be Gentle

I shall be Humble

I shall be My Best Me

And tomorrow….

I shall do it again, just for today.

These are my choices.

Just for today, what will choose?

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Shona Williams - 7 years ago

This is really so true -a great read – it is difficult and I often think what should I do different? Sometimes it is something we read that gives us a jolt – hopefully I will relook at some of my choices and try and be a better me. Thanks – really do love your weekly posts – always food for thought (or food for the soul) . Hope you are well – think a skype/facetime session is due soon. Lots of Love

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Glad I am giving you some food for thought or food for the soul my friend. Honestly, the things I write about are normally the things I’m kicking myself in the butt to go and do 🙂
    I’m looking forward to chatting! xoxoxo

Dani - 7 years ago

Where’s the “like” button?

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    There isn’t a like button as such but you can share the post using the Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter buttons. That would be a huge LIKE 🙂
    Thanks for the support

Shawn C. - 7 years ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This past July marked my 20th year as a corrections officer. I became a corrections officer at age 20 and was assigned to Hawaii’s only penitentiary. A life sentence of sort, working in this environment has taken a toll on my spirit/body and to an extent de-sensitized me to lifes woes. So emotionally speaking I am at a disadvantage. However, I do find that a strong prayer life, the ability to show love in all situations, and daily self examination, all help to carry me through. Not to mention a dose of 6 weeks on the Camino always does a body/spirit good. With that being said Angela, blessings abound! Buen Camino!

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing Shawn.
    I love what you have chosen as daily actions even in difficult circumstances – prayer, love, self examination! VERY POWERFUL!
    Buen Camino my friend

Kay Nelson - 7 years ago

No truer words were written too bad more people don’t feel that way. I look forward to your email every day

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Thank you Kay. Please feel free to share my posts. Hopefully that way we can change the world a little bit
    Best wishes

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