I Am Human, I Am Love [Pulse]

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I am human, I am love. Everybody’s got a pulse.

I am done with all the noise.

The thousands of opposing opinions all screaming to be heard in order to proclaim themselves the one true word.

I am done with the hatred that hides behind the words and causes.  I am done with shouting other people down, even if it’s silently in my head, because their beliefs differ to mine.

I am done with the mass unconsciousness that judges others because of the colour of their skin, their religious beliefs, and what they do with their genitals.

I am done with that which does not align with love.

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My Truth

I grew up in a Charismanic church of hell fire and brimstone.

I was brainwashed to believe that all sinners, with special emphasis on those wretched evil homosexuals, – the abominations – were on a super highway to hell where they all deserved to burn and rot – as they should!

For years, I was in torment about something within myself that felt so wrong and yet left me seeking and knowing that if I just found out what it was, it would be so right…

When I finally decided to stop tormenting myself and discover if I was an abomination or not I was very surprised to discover that there was no separation from the love of god for me, contrary to my indoctrination.

In fact, what I discovered and continue to discover was a greater love and acceptance of myself.  By practising self-love religiously, I have become closer to God, who is definitely a woman of multiple talents and impossibilities.  Having said that, I have also gotten over my need to define what god is.

The God within me requests that I do not separate myself from it and in doing so, sin.

The God within me requires that the love I give to myself I give to others.

The God within me demands that I make no claims of understanding the god within me and limiting it to my tiny vain human imagination with absolutes and declarations of beliefs.

The God within me expects me to shut the fuck up and live my life as I see fit and allow others to do the same, and try not hating them for their own “truths.”

The God within me expects me to BE love

The God within me expects me to LIVE love

The God within me expects me to SPEAK love

And when I fail and fall and fuck up I will get up, brush myself off, understand a little better while continuing to press on towards the love which is in me, around me and within us all.

Your Truth

I do not know what your truth is.

I have not walked in your shoes, faced your trials, and learned your lessons.

I may know you or you may be a stranger to me, whatever our status I would be happy if you sought your truth and lived it.  Even if it is, a truth, that is diametrically opposed to mine.

To all those who cannot tolerate or accept my truth, I very politely and lovingly invite you to fuck off.  Don’t be my family, don’t be my friend, and don’t be my fan or my follower.  If you can’t respect my unique choices and allow me the same freedom I allow you, I am not open to listening to your noise.

I am done.

My life is too precious for the contamination of hatred.  My potential is too vast for small-minded confinement.  My time too limited for wastage on non-loving endeavours.

I am human, I am love. And so are you! Everybody’s got a pulse.


Melissa Etheridge PULSE

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