Everything Changes

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I live in a very beautiful area in Germany and I have the joy of being able to look out of my office window every day, if I choose.  I see my neighbourhood, my stone garden, and the gardens of my neighbours.  In the distance are some low lying hills that add a lovely perspective to my view.  Each day I have the pleasure to see how everything changes from season to season.  At the time of writing this, the view looked beautiful.  There were patches of blue sky, some fluffy white clouds, the sun had come out, and it was really a lovely day.  However, a few hours prior, the scenery was completely different.

The previous evening

we had a Super Moon and for those of you who remember this event, and had a chance to watch it; you know it was just glorious.  The moon was red, golden yellow, orange, and larger than normal.  Where I live, the night sky was perfectly clear, the stars gleamed and glistened as if in celebration of the Super Moon, and although it was cold, it was actually a wonderful event to witness.

I awoke the next morning and the world was completely different.  After such a beautiful evening, one would expect to open ones door and see clear blue skies and sunshine.  Instead, what I saw that morning was thick, heavy mist with almost no visibility outside my bedroom door.

What I’ve noticed since living in Germany is that people base how their day will be relative to how the weather is.  I find this a very strange cultural quirk of the German people and I often remind myself that regardless of what’s happening in the sky, this shouldn’t affect what’s happening in my heart.  However, I do admit that it is sometimes easy for this national obsession to entangle me.

That morning reminded me that some days we awake and the day looks like it’s going to be a certain way, in that case, miserable.  I could have based my whole day on this fact or I could perhaps have had life circumstances pulling me into misery, sadness, or depression.  I could have stayed in a miserable state of mind or the weather could have remained miserable but actually as is with everything in life, it unfolds and as time progresses, things change, they become different, we begin to see new perspectives, new horizons.

This is quite literally, what happened that day with the weather.  Close to midday, the mist started to lift and suddenly patches of blue came through, the sun made an appearance, mist gave way to interspersed clouds and the outlook of the day seemed very different.

If someone came here from another place, be it a city, or continent or even another planet, they would have said, “Oh wow, what a beautiful day you’re having, you are so lucky to live here.”  They would have known nothing of how it had previously been.  They would only have seen things as they were in that moment, no past context, and no future expectation.

Often life is like this as well

Sometimes we become stuck in the circumstances, both negative and positive.  Perhaps you are feeling that you can’t see a way out of your circumstances and that everything appears desperate and seems hopeless.  Alternatively, perhaps you are experiencing sunshine everywhere and your life is so happy, it is rolling along and simply blissful…  Well things change.

Like the weather and the seasons we move through life and everything changes, this is truly the one constant in life.  It is not always easy to deal with changes, especially if they are dramatic and bring great upheaval to your life.  I encourage you today to remain focused on your life where you are right now.  Be at peace with what is happening with you in this moment, even if you perceive it to be difficult and painful.  Things will change; this is one of the universal laws of the universe and probably the number one rule of life.

Everything changes

If you would like my assistance as a coach to deal with the changes you are experiencing, please write to me here.  I would love to serve you as you navigate the changes in your life.

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