Be Still…

About 1 minute

Many religions speak of the necessity to be still, mostly in relation to God.  I am unqualified to discuss God or religion and shall not do so here.

When I speak of stillness, I mean that space within where I can go to become centred.

In a world filled with motion and noise, stillness is almost impossible to attain and not readily present in mainstream consciousness.

I love to be still.  It has a great benefit and adds value to my life.

I can be still either in meditation or prayer.  I can be still while listening to music or in conversation with a friend.  There are so many places and moments where I can be still without being secluded or lonely.

For me stillness is not only about silence, but also about being present.

It is those moments when I quieten my mind, shut off the idiotic chatter, take a breath, and become still – simply be.

It is in stillness that I can hear, see, and feel clearly.  I have removed the clutter and there is a centred clarity, a space.

I am by no means a master of being still and aspire to practice stillness more regularly in my life, but I know that it is out of stillness that good things flow for me.  It is that space within which is only mine.

It is through stillness that I remain connected to my true self; it is from stillness that I can express myself authentically in the world and it is with stillness that I can live my life in love.

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It also helps to have a special place to go if you want to practice stillness through meditation or prayer.  I am fortunate to have a lovely forest near my home.  I like to sit in stillness at the lovely pond that is there.

Take a moment today to practice stillness.  It does not have to be for hours but can be for a few moments.  Become mindful of your actions, thoughts, and surroundings.  Become still within.

Here is a great resource from just-a-minute to help you do short one minute meditations.  Enjoy

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