My Crazy Thanksgiving Gift to You

Today, the USA is celebrating Thanksgiving and if you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I constantly talk about the power of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Check out my blog here

So I’m going to keep this short and sweet today…

I would like give you an awesome gift

You know about my Ignite Your Life Program and today I am offering the PREMIUM version to you at no charge! 


Because, I am grateful for all my many blessing and because it fills my heart with joy. Simple.

But please note:

This gift is NOT for you if you are:

  • mildly curious about the contents,
  • like downloading free gifts off the Internet,
  • are thinking “what the hell do I have to lose?”
  • have no intention of DOING THE WORK



Well, because you’re not the right person for this gift, and I don’t want you to waste your time or mine. Simple.

If You Are:

  • Feeling stuck in a rut
  • Wanting to create clarity in your life
  • Committed to making changes that will help you create more joy and abundance in your life
  • Are prepared to WORK ON YOURSELF

Then this gift is definitely for you!

About the Contents

This is an on-line course that helps you focus on the areas of your life that are important to you… be it your Career, Money, Relationships, Health, Personal Development, Spirituality etc.  More info here

You get to look at the areas where you want to create more joy, fulfillment and abundance and there are

  • Teaching Videos
  • Printable Workbooks
  • Fun and Informative Assessments
  • Guided Meditations
  • You work at your own pace.  Please note the VERB! 

BUT, as I am offering you the PREMIUM VERSION in addition you receive

  • Access to a closed Facebook Group consisting of the Ignite Your Life Community
  • AND three (3) One-on-One Coaching Sessions with me to help guide you on your journey.

The monetary value of this gift is $397
The intrinsic value of this course is … INVALUABLE and life changing

Where’s the Catch?

There is none!





This is my THANKSGIVING GIFT to you! 

So if you believe that this is a gift you will USE in order to IGNITE YOUR LIFE  and CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE, please download your free gift here.

This is a limited offer until 25th November 2016 @ 23:59 HAST – THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED

So, if this gift resonates with you and you are committed to creating your best life please download your gift today.

Wishing you a blessed and joyful thanksgiving, wherever you are in the world

Love and Light


Angela Barnard

Angie Barnard is a Coach, Author, Speaker, International Flavourist, Pilgrim and more. Actually labels are unimportant! What she would like you to know about her is that she loves inspiring people through coaching, engaging with life and others, traveling, writing, cooking and when stressed knitting... Ssshh don't tell anyone.

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