Group Coaching

Are You Ready To Step into YOU!

Group Coaching

Do you feel like something is missing? Are you busy juggling so many roles that you have lost sight of what is important to you? If this is you, do not despair. You are not alone. Join the group!

Empower Your Life

  • You want time for yourself to do the things you love but you have so many obligations to fulfill.
  • You want to OWN YOUR LIFE but being your number 1 priority seems just out of reach.
  • Like so many other women, you feel powerless in the face of inequality and are you tired of having to work so hard for recognition.

You Can:

  • Be the POWERFUL woman you believe yourself to be.
  • OWN your life and experience the pleasure of AUTHENTIC living.
  • Reduce the guilt and the need to please and “allow” yourself to BE
  • EMBODY all of who you are when you Step into YOU!

You Will:

  • EXPAND your life.
  • Lose the guilt, but still be the woman you want to be
  • Be empowered to make powerful choices which best suit you
  • Make time for yourself without feeling selfish
  • Be strongly connected to who you are and what you value
  • Make your voice heard in the world
  • Feel a shift into your authentic self
  • Become your number one priority

A recent global survey conducted for women showed that:
These are NOT meaningless statistics but rather an accurate depiction of our lives as women.

It is time to step out and join this group Step into YOU!  (Live an empowered, authentic life.)

What You Can Expect:

  • Take risks and achieve results in a secure environment working with your accountability buddy.
  • Increase your knowledge and learning while contributing to the lives of others in a meaningful way.
  • Build a community and forge new like-minded friendships in a loving and respectful atmosphere.
  • Be supported by other fantastic like-minded women.
  • Become inspired and energised each week in a fun and dynamic group.
  • Use the group setting as a place to “test run” the new you as you Step into YOU!
  • Receive world class coaching at affordable prices and so much more.

Step In.  Don’t be a statistic, take that first step today.

What we cover:

  • We work through a curriculum around the to world-class ourselves, expressing who we are and living empowered lives – KNOW! SPEAK! LIVE!
  • We learn how to Step into YOU! and discuss effective and appropriate practices and strategies to create this reality.
  • We practice how to Step into YOU!

Group Logistics:

  • An intimate group with a maximum of 10 women
  • Meet weekly
  • For 3 months (total 9 sessions)
  • 1 hour per meeting
  • Using Skype / Zoom


Contact me NOW to join the next Step into YOU! session.