Your Intuition… Let It Work for You

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We all have intuition, and for each of us our intuition will feel slightly different.  Perhaps for you, it is that little voice inside your head, heart or mind that speaks to you and shows you insight, brings you foresight or issues you warnings.

That’s Life

As with everything in life, to have a strong, healthy intuition you actually have to practice using it. If you want to run a marathon, you would have to train. You would have to create a regime that readies your body and mind for the marathon and then you would need to run the race.

Exactly the same principle applies if we want to have a strong intuition that can aid us in our daily lives.  We have to tone and build the muscle of intuition and exercise it.  By learning to become accustomed to and pay attention and trust your intuition, you learn to trust yourself and strengthen your self-worth and confidence.

My Lesson

Recently I learned a good lesson about using my intuition. I was part of a group on Facebook and I was not feeling comfortable about the shared content in the group.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with this group, in fact it’s a fantastic group filled with really lovely people, many of whom I’ve met, but I was just not gelling with some of the common philosophies that were shared.  Once again, these philosophies are not wrong, nor crucial to my life, nor would they lead me astray but they just did not feel comfortable for me.

I considered leaving the group for the longest time but I kept putting it off and procrastinating.  Then I saw a post and I thought, “Nah, I just don’t agree with this!”  I wrote a response and I said, “I don’t get what you’re saying…” and the person whose comment it was replied to which I again said, “I just don’t get what you’re saying.”

Their response to me was that I had been “triggered” by their comments and that perhaps I needed to look at something within myself.  People in the coaching circles overuse the term triggered. If anyone seems to have a contrary opinion to yours, or does not seem to be going along with your norm, then they are triggered. 

Well I put their comment in my pipe and smoked it, so to speak.  I wondered if this were true, and I realised, yes, I had been, but actually, it was not by what was said. I was triggered because I knew that the group was not a good fit for me and I needed to leave.  For the longest time I had a little voice in the back of my head saying, “Just unsubscribe from this group, it’s not bringing you much value, and you feel constantly pissed off here.”

You know, this example is about such a small little thing but it is often the small little things that steal our happiness and joy.

When your intuition speaks and you do not listen, it is like walking for miles and miles with a tiny little stone in your shoe and not taking it out.

Instead of dealing with it, you ignore the obvious and end up with a terrible blister and aching feet.

Often, this is what happens when we do not listen to our intuition, when we do not pay attention to what our intuition is telling us to do for ourselves.

The example I shared with you is a very simple one, but I can tell you so many stories where listening to my intuition has brought me opportunities, delivered me from danger and even helped me save someone’s life!  On the other hand, I can also tell you of all the times I have ignored my intuition and lived to rue that decision!

Our Simple Choice

There are many reasons why we do not listen to our intuition, one of them being reason.  You know that little thing called thought or common sense.  Very often, the things we feel intuitively sometimes seem to go against reason.  We doubt it and want to listen to our rational mind but the part of us in which our intuition operates is not “rational.”  I think it is deeply connected to our soul or spirit and is often non-quantifiable.

Additionally, our intuition is there to serve us as individuals.  What you intuitively feel about a situation might not be the same as what another person feels.  This is your inner guiding system, which is uniquely yours, and I encourage you to connect to this part of yourself intimately.

The Challenge

Think of one simple way in which you can exercise your intuition muscle and strengthen it each day.  If you do rely on your intuition daily, think of ways in which you can connect more deeply with your intuition.  Remember this is your special weapon in the arsenal of your life, use it often and use it wisely!

I would love to know how you listen to your intuition or how it has guided you in your life, so please feel free to drop a comment below.

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