If You Want to Win the Lottery…

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There was a man who fell on hard times. It began when he lost his job but he was mildly hopeful that things would soon turn around. In his fertile imagination, he entertained casual dreams of winning the lottery.

As time dragged on, the economic crisis, sluggishness in the job market and rising debts weighed him down. He spoke to his wife about winning the lottery but carefully turned over each penny before foolishly spending it on a pipe dream.

Stress was mounting, as was hopelessness, and he spent more time in his underwear on the sofa, drinking beer and watching daytime television. He was verbally abusive to his family and began blaming everyone for his troubles. Oh God, why can’t I win the lottery, he said.

Eventually his wife left him and took their children with her. Oh God, he moaned, don’t you care about me? I have lost my job, cannot find employment, my wife, and children have left me. Don’t you hear my prayers?

With rising debts and no income, his car was repossessed and eventually the bank foreclosed on the mortgage and the man was desolate as he returned to his parents’ home.

GOD! he screamed at the heavens, where are you? Are you so heartless that you would let me lose everything? I have lost my job, my wife and children have left me. The car and beautiful home I owned are no longer mine. How dare you God! I have been begging you for months to help me win the lottery and you do nothing! You show me no mercy! You have no compassion! God I know you do not exist! You must be dead!

In the deathly silence that followed his tirade, a clear voice spoke from the heavens. God replied saying, “If you want to win the lottery, buy a ticket!”

How often do we have a dream or want to change something in our lives, but neglect to take action? I know I am guilty as charged.

Here are six simple steps to make our dreams reality and live inspired lives.

  1. Do a reality check

Sometimes you need to do a reality check. I have seen and heard of people investing huge resources in ventures that are simply not going to materialise for various reasons. If you want to get to Mars on a matchstick, a reality check would help you reformulate your dream, show you the possibilities taking into account all your resources, capabilities and potential and keep the dream alive in a way that is doable. Perhaps it is best and possible, to go to Mars in a NASA rocket instead.

  1. Break it down

Starting from zero, the task can seem monumental and insurmountable. Break it down into bite size pieces. Once you know the scope of your dream or goal, ask yourself what the main strategies or milestones are that you need to implement to achieve your goal. When you know these, you can carry out powerful actions to bring you closer to your target. Nobody eats a steak in one gulp or climbs a mountain in one leap; these tasks are accomplished bite by bite and step by step.

  1. Get into action

There is no time like the present. I could quote so many clichés such as “tomorrow never comes” and “life is too short to waste another day” but the fact is we know the absolute truth of these statements. There simply is no time better than now. Take that first step today. If you want something different, do something differently.

  1. Tell a friend or hire a coach

Many dreams or desired changes fall by the wayside because we cannot always hold ourselves accountable when times get hard and we want to give up. I have found that speaking to a friend is a great way to bring accountability to a situation. If you do not want to involve your friends, then hire a coach. With a coach, you have someone at your side who believes in your unlimited potential, has the benefit of clarity of distance when things get tough and in a relationship based on trust will hold you accountable when you want to give up.

  1. If you fall, get up again

I love watching babies learn to crawl and walk. At first, they seem insecure and they are definitely off-balance but that does not hinder them. They have this indomitable urge to press on. Once they master crawling, they progress to standing, then letting go and wobbling, falling, tumbling, banging their heads, crying, collecting themselves, and doing it all over again. This is the first challenge any of us who can walk have conquered. We did not let falling down and being banged up stop us. We got up, did it repeatedly until we could sprint like gazelles in the wild. Let us not forget our own indomitable spirits that can carry us forward.

  1. Take responsibility

Perhaps the most important step of all is to take responsibility. If you have a dream or a goal, own it. Make it yours. Take full responsibility for each action you engage in, all the attitudes you display, the thoughts and words you will speak to yourself. When you hit a roadblock, do not assign blame even at yourself. By taking responsibility, you maintain engagement in your process and can make decisions or readjustments that will keep you moving forward.

I am interested to know what your personal “lottery” may be. What is the dream or goal that remains unactioned?

For me it is my dream to one-day travel to Antarctica. Having completed this article, I think I now have six steps I need to implement![/fusion_text]

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Anja - 7 years ago

Dear Angela,
Beautifully written! Really love how you break it down into bite-size pieces.
Oh and regarding the Latte Art Mission…I did sign up for it – hence I bought the Lottery ticket 🙂
Keep up the great writing. It’s a true gift indeed!

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Thank you Anja you are such an encouragement! Now that I know you are becoming the master of the latte we have to come down south again soon to sample your wares! Great job on getting your ticket!

Rob Brown - 7 years ago

I needed that, Thanks.


    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Glad to be an encouragement Rob. Have a good weekend.

Shona Williams - 7 years ago

Love receiving your posts – you have found your niche – inspirational words. Now for the book????

    Angela Barnard - 7 years ago

    Thank you Shona. I’m the next J.K. Watch this space for the book, it shall be coming soon!

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