Finally! You Can Create Your Healthy Body Image

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A Fantastical Tale

Imagine for a moment that your space ship accidentally crashed into the ocean and you find yourself stranded here on earth. All communication with your home planet is lost and your only means of survival is integration with the dominant species on this strange planet. Your kind has superior intelligence and the ability to communicate telepathically with other beings and your life has been a stress free, harmonious existence.

You want to find out more about the planet so you tap into the collective consciousness excited to learn about your new home. Within seconds you are overwhelmed and astounded at the critical inner voices you’re hearing.

I’m so fat.

I’m so ugly.

I can’t lose weight.

My thighs are full of cellulite.

Why wasn’t I born with better hair?

My teeth are so crooked I can’t smile at people.

Everybody teases me because of my big ears.

Red heads are nasty people I should be blonde.

“What is wrong with this race?” you wonder, “How on earth will I ever manage to live amongst them if they can’t accept themselves.

In that moment of questioning, it dawns upon you that you’re totally screwed! There is no way you’re going to be accepted on Earth in your strange alien body! The people here can’t even accept themselves how the hell are they going to accept you?! Without any compunction you decide you have to find a host, preferably a fresh corpse, that you can live in until you figure out how the hell to escape this planet.

You may be thinking what a strange, insignificant little story, but is it?

The Real Story

Are we not all living here as aliens (souls) within a body? If we are conscious we know that, our inner being is not our body and this physical form is simply the substance of us made manifest so that we can experience our divinity in this playground called life. Yet we spend so much of our lives judging and living in discontent with our bodies while seeking the meaning of life within the world of ten thousand things, but perhaps the meaning of life is found within the meaning of health.

When you consider what it means to be healthy, your definition, or values around health may differ to others. Perhaps you place emphasis on nutrition while I value movement. Nevertheless, whatever the differences I think most people desire to be healthy.

The definition for health has not changed since 1948 and in an ever-changing environment, this is unique. Health is described by the World Health Organisation as being a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

So what does this mean for us when we consider health? It means we have to consider our whole being and not just the physical entity of ourselves.

The Most Important Life Lesson

The most important lesson for any of us to learn is acceptance

I love this quote from Oscar Wilde, but I believe that accepting oneself is the foreplay to that romance.

This is full acceptance of ourselves, mind, body and soul. Since childhood, we are inundated with messaging regarding our body and this affects our self-esteem and confidence. Often we live in a constant battle between who we are and who we think we should be. However, what if we were to create our ideal self-image based on self-love and self-acceptance and then work towards achieving this.

We are always saying that we are NOT perfect, but this is untrue. Firstly, you must have a concrete example of what perfection is before you can make judgements of what it is not. In a world of constant change, perfection, if it existed, is constantly changing and therefore not consistent or accessible to us. What we view as perfect is the ridiculous static standards created from perception and judgement, this is history, not current reality. Therefore in the face of constant change we have to conclude that in each moment we are perfect and all is well.

Consider a Blue diamond for a moment. This most precious gem forms under great pressure and whether it is rough or beautifully cut and polished, both are exquisite and of great value. Its beauty and value exist in both states of being, this too is true for ourselves if only we could see this.

Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

so how are we going to look at ourselves?

Would you be willing to change the way you look at things, and challenge your perceptions of perfect or flawed?

How is Your Body Image?

In your mind, you have a body image of yourself.

Perhaps you are comfortable within your body and accept yourself fully, or perhaps you are like most people who wish that something were different in or with their body.

We are what we think. That might seem too simple but the fact is we have conscious and unconscious thoughts constantly racing through our minds and we create a physical manifestation of those thoughts.

We often take our body for granted, not paying it focused attention and forget that it needs to last as long as we want to live. Often it is only when we experience unpleasant pain that we come into our body and give it the attention it requires. However, even this is not always immediate as often we ignore a pain, or refuse to seek medical help, sometimes to our detriment. Why do we do this I wonder?

Our countless daily activities are often abusive and if the body weren’t so resilient and idiot proof, we would fall on our asses much sooner than we do.

The Time to Create Your Healthy Body Image Is Now

However, we can change that. We can become conscious about our body, begin to live in love and acceptance of it and rebalance those elements, which are not beneficial for it.

I have created a PERFECT ME exercise that will help you deeply connect with your body, live in acceptance with it, and create a body image that you are comfortable to live with.

Through the exercise, we will look at your current body image and then create and embody the body image you desire for yourself.

With the Perfect Me exercise we will consciously connect with our bodies using our creativity, intuition, and inner wisdom and come into alignment with our own beauty. We may not believe that we are beautiful or feel that we are beautiful but this does not change the fact that we are. For centuries humanity believed that the earth was flat, this belief, and false perception could not detract from the fact that the Earth was round.

DOWNLOAD the Perfect Me Bonus Now


Here’s to stepping into your beauty!



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