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Have you ever had to choose between two distinctly different paths? 

This happened to me and as I reflect, I can only marvel at how life and the universe have a way of preparing and equipping us to follow our dreams and live our destiny.

When I finished high school, I wanted to be a social worker but my laziness culminated with me not receiving a bursary to attend the university of my dreams and study in my chosen field.  

After a few hapless weeks, I decided to attend a local college and study Food Technology, which was in no way related to the social sciences and far cry from my heart’s desire.

Upon graduation, I soon realised that if I wanted gainful employment I needed to leave the city of my birth and relocate to the fast-paced city of Johannesburg.  My father drove me hundreds of kilometres to attend various interviews and before departing, I shared my fears and concerns with a friend.  

She had a vision of me presented with two choices.  I stood at the intersection of two paths.

One led to a beautiful English rose garden filled with abundant fauna and flora and the other to a very humble vegetable garden.  In her vision, she saw Spirit place a large cloak upon my shoulders and assure me that whichever path I chose, that would be the right choice for me.

As it turns out, I had to choose between two jobs that figuratively represented the rose and the vegetable gardens.  All those years ago, I chose the vegetable garden. Read more here

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As my life unfurled I have traveled down thousands of paths, learning countless lessons and garnering deeper wisdom and today I can only marvel at the synchronicity that is life.

The desire of my heart never changed.  It evolved and morphed but remained centered around working with people and exploring not only my own potential and greatness but also helping other people experience theirs.  You can see from my professional biography below and my LinkedIn profile that I have taken the scenic route to be here with you now, and my goodness what a journey it has been.

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Sometimes when we want to pursue a dream or a desire, we simply are not ready.  We are ill-equipped and need to be honed.  As in my case, it may seem that we go off on different tangents, somehow getting lost in the busyness and messiness of life, and yet each choice we make, every pain we endure, each new triumph we achieve we are laying stepping stones taking ourselves closer to where we need to be.

I have experienced physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse.  I have experienced near death and lost most of my close family, mainly to cancer.  I have experienced great failures and successes in the workplace, lead great teams and followed great, mediocre and idiotic bosses.  I have experienced heartbreak and great love; become stuck and unable to move forward due to insecurity and fear.  I’ve been fearless and accomplished what I thought improbable and most definitely impossible.


I empathise deeply with those whose experiences I have not endured, as I am able to place myself in their shoes and with compassion see the path, they have traveled.  Therefore, today as a coach, I bring my full life and business experiences to the coaching relationship to assist my clients to live the inspired lives they desire.

I define an inspired life as one in which we are overcoming resistance – the laziness, fear, procrastination, drama, unhappiness, rationalisation, self-doubt, pain etc. – to tap into our innate inspiration which is aspiring to transport us forward to a higher level of meaning and fulfilment.

Living an inspired life is a choice. 

I know some days I get it right, other days I don’t but every day I give it my best because I’m worth it.

Click here to read about the English rose garden and the vegetable garden.

Professional Bio

I completed my Coach Training through the NeuroLeadership Group (Results Coaching) in 2007.  I am an ACC certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and adhere to their code of ethics and the core competencies of coaching.

Prior to transitioning into coaching as a profession, I had a successful international corporate career and worked in the specialised Flavour and Fragrance industry as a Flavourist and leader.  I have lived and worked in South Africa, New York City, Singapore, and Germany where I now reside.

In addition to my coaching qualification, I hold degrees in Food Technology, Total Quality Management, and Business Management.

Random Trivia

  • I once worked for a company which produced oral contraceptives for women AND baby milk powder. They were market leaders in both spectrums!
  • I only eat chocolate ice cream, with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles. Anything else is blasphemy!
  • I can climb to ANY height, but I cannot get down. I have been rescued from rooftops, trees and even a steep pyramid in Angkor Wat.
  • In foreign countries, strange animals leave their homes and follow me for kilometres! I have played pied piper to cats, dogs, giraffes, a chimpanzee, and an amorous ostrich.
  • On two occasions, my partner has been offered many camels for me.