Life Coaching With Angela Barnard

Let me gift you:
The 4 Pillars of an Inspired Life

What is Life Coaching?

Wouldn't life be so much easier if it came with a manual? A little hardback book that you could open any time that your felt overwhelmed, underwhelmed or plain just whelmed and discover what you do next? Wouldn't life be easier that way?  Would your mind be blown if I said everyone has their own life manual. It's tucked deep within us, and it's buried beneath other people's expectations (from family to bosses to the cats) waiting for you to plug into it's wisdom.  

That's what life coaching is about. 

  • It's not about telling you who to be, but unwrapping who you are and sharing your authentic self with the world. 
  • Life coaching is about managing other people's expectations when you stand up for what you believe in.
  • Life coaching is all about you: where you are right now, where you truly want to be and how you're going to lead your inspired life.

Sound like what you'd like in your life? 

Let Me Help You Lead Your Inspired Life

Step into you

Plug Into You

Soul Synergy

Overwhelmed? Lacking direction? Stuck? Step into you is the 1-2-1 life coaching that will get you back on track and enable you to live your most inspired life. 

Now is not the time to play small. You want to be more, do more and feel more. Plug into you is the starting point of the next stage on your journey. 

Knowing what's happened in the past, and what our purpose is helps focus the future.  Akashic Records Reading is something that intuitives, empaths and highly sensitive individuals find helpful