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Is Inspired Life Coaching for You?

Step into you - 1-2-1 Coaching

Overwhelmed? Lacking direction? Stuck? Step into you is the 1-2-1 coaching that will get you back on track and enable you to live your most inspired life. 

Plug into You

Now is not the time to play small. You want to be more, do more and feel more. Plug into you is the starting point of the next stage on your journey. 

Akashic Records

Knowing what's happened in the past, and what our purpose is helps focus the future.  Akashic Records Reading is something that intuitives, empaths and highly sensitive individuals find helpful. 

Why Book Life Coaching With Me

I've been where you are right now.

I know how if feels to be in a role where I've no idea of the futire, or perhaps the future isn't the one you've planned. 

It can be frightening to be stuck, to be overwhelmed and simulutanously frozen to the spot. 

Maybe it's something different. Book in a call and tell me about it. Together we can explore whether life coaching is right for you.

Angela Barnard
CEO of Her  Own Inspired Life!

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